Keys to Organized Living

Space Utilization and Definition
Living spaces often serve multiple uses for family members. Key Transitions will guide you in determining what your room is really used for and how to structure spaces for organized living.

Clutter Review, Removal and Organization Planning
Corralling clutter can help you gain time and comfort in your surroundings. Key Transitions will assist you in assessing your clutter, identifying and saving your treasures. Key Transitions will also aid in the development of a blueprint to organize your possessions and then the disposition of items you no longer wish to keep.

Work Space Development
Whether you use space to create crafts, prepare dinner or pay bills, Key Transitions will help you design a plan that will allow you to eliminate clutter and organize the space to meet your needs.

Safe Home Set Up
Every member of the family, from the smallest infant to the eldest senior, deserves a safe home. Our safety experts will help you determine your safety needs and establish a plan to eliminate safety hazards.

Baby/Child Stations
Children need safe areas that foster creativity and independence. Key Transitions will assist you in planning spaces that are safe, comfortable and stimulating for your infant, toddler and school aged children.

Parent Stations
Caring for children requires energy, alertness, imagination and organization! Let Key Transitions help you find ways to be responsive to your children’s needs, while you conserve your energy and foster self-care by organizing materials in spaces where children and parents live together.

Teen Room Containment Plans
Teenagers’ rooms present special challenges. Let Key Transitions work with you and your teen to develop strategies for organizing their personal possessions while maintaining their privacy and personal style.

Reclaiming Space
Spare rooms, attics and garages often become repositories for treasures and trash. Key Transitions will aid you with a plan to display, store and dispose of items so that you and your family can reclaim these spaces for living.

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