Keys to Organized Life Transitions

Downsizing Strategies
Moving into smaller quarters can be challenging for the person moving and for those trying to help. Let Key Transitions help you develop a plan to decide which important valuables you will carry with you, which you will distribute and which will need disposal. We will tailor assistance to your specific needs and approach this sensitive task with understanding and confidentiality.

Space Change Utilization
Whether changing a bedroom into an office, a spare room into a nursery or a garage into an apartment, Key Transitions can help you plan and achieve your vision to meet your changing needs.

Planning to Leave Home Strategies
Leaving home requires a series of organizational plans. You have to decide what to take. You have to pack up your items for transport and decide what to do with what you leave behind. You must transport your items to their new destination and organize them when you arrive. Key Transitions will also assist you with every step of your plan to allow you to move with less stress and greater confidence.

Reclaiming Space
Spare rooms, attics and garages often become repositories for treasures and trash. Key Transitions will aid you with a plan to display, store and dispose of items so that you and your family can reclaim these spaces for living.

Making Room for New Family Members
When families grow through birth, adoption, marriage or the addition of relatives with special needs, Key Transitions will assist you in evaluating and determining the best use of the available space.

Child Safe Home Set Up
Every child deserves a safe home. Our safety experts will help you determine your safety needs and establish a plan to eliminate safety hazards.

Elder Friendly Spaces
Aging presents challenges. An organized environment with safe access to frequently used items can promote independence and confidence. Let Key Transitions assist you in planning an organized space with safety and access in mind.

Personal Treasure Review and Distribution Planning
Determining the disposition of personal treasures with sentimental and real value is best done when you can carefully think of your personal wishes and desires for placement and distribution. Let Key Transitions assist you in cataloging and detailing your plans for your treasures.

Heirloom History Recording
Family heirlooms have stories that sometimes are not told. Let Key Transitions record the tales behind your precious possessions so that future generations can know their true value.

Real Estate Presentation for Sale
Everyone wants to buy a model home. Let Key Transitions assist you in developing a plan that will showcase your homes’ highlights and potential.

Custom Services Available. Contact Key Transitions to discuss your unique needs and goals.