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Most of us live with a certain amount of disorder. We misplace keys, have to search for documents, or rummage through the closet to find the right piece of clothing. Then it happens - an event that taxes our resources and signals a life change, an event that has the potential to make our slightly disorderly existence borderline chaotic. It could be combining two existing households, the arrival of a baby, downsizing to smaller living quarters, moving into a dormitory, or disposing of the possessions of a loved one. Sometimes it is a self-imposed plan to organize your closet, your room, your house, your life.

The irony is that, when these Key life Transitions happen, you have to deal with all the internal conflict that the situation brings while you are trying to bring order to your surroundings. It takes a lot of energy, a lot of discipline and a lot of knowledge.

The professionals at Key Transitions can assist you with a plan. We can help you develop a blueprint to organize your possessions, to sort through your memories and preserve your treasures. Each consultation is supportive of your personal goals and all information is treated in a confidential manner. Consideration is always given to safe, age appropriate solutions to storage and accessibility issues.

We know it is not easy to bring a stranger into your life to assist with these sensitive transitions. So, after our initial consultation you will have a plan of action. Then you decide just how much assistance you need and what level of participation you want from our consultants in coordinating the plan. Whatever you decide, we are committed to assist you in achieving your goals.

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